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  • Refinancing

    Is there a better student loan company to refinance with? Any group that is easier to work with?
    Also, I have federal loans with 0% interest until December. Not doing pslf, when should I refinance to get the best rate?

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    If you haven't already, be sure to check out WCI's list under recommendations section. There should be a post up there where he invited people to share their experiences. I personally have used commonbond and earnest, both pretty easy experiences.


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      If you live near a First Republic branch, I've found them to be the best, get a personal banker, easy to work with, and I locked in a 2.75 fixed for 7 years. If you do 5 it's 1.95%. Plan to pay off early as they give up to 2% of interest back if paid off in 4 years. I have looked into refinancing to a lower rate but nothing comes close as far as fixed rates go. Only problem is you need at least 10% of the original loan amount in cash in a checking account with them. I just call this my E-fund though.


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        I've done a total of 3 refinances, all with Laurel Road. They were very fast and quick with replies/matching quotes. My only complaint is the last refinance was a bit hectic. They made my loan but took a while to post the prior loan as paid off. So I was looking at a balance of around $320k for two months. They corrected their mistake, and no interest was owed on the old loan during this time. That was the first time I had any annoyance with them.

        Don't forget autopay and AMA discounts. Right now, I'm on a 5 year variable at 0.99%. I'm just doing the minimum and throwing money into brokerage account.