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PSLF $0 due payment-count towards total?

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  • PSLF $0 due payment-count towards total?

    Hoping the collective wisdom of the group can guide me here.
    I'm getting closer to my scheduled forgiveness date, about 15 payments to go.
    FedLoan now has a section where they break down payments that were made that DON'T count towards the total (eg late payments etc.).
    In my intern year, like many people, my prior year income was $0, and thus my IBR payment was $0. I was under the impression that these months of $0 payment would count towards PSLF. When I go to this section of the website, however, I get this message for those first year payments:

    Click image for larger version

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    I have 8 months worth of these, which will come out to a good chunk of change.
    Please let me know if I should fight this, or I've just misunderstood the process.
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    Yes, it is my understanding that those should count.


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      Yes, based on the info provided, you should definitely fight for those payments to count. Bigger question - why only 9 of them? Did the other 3 count?


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        If you consolidated those loans, you likely waived the grace period. Yes, challenge their count.


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          When you recertify your income every year doesn't it say exactly how many payments you've made that count? Has that number changed for the worse?


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            Thanks for the feedback...

            I accidently double counted these (sub and unsubsidized loans), so 4 didn't count. If I recall my consolidation took several months, not occurring until September. Looks like they counted from Sept to December as grace period? Still doesn't quite add up. They count the remainder of $0 payments from January on towards pslf. No rhyme or reason I can come up with.

            They only started giving updated counts a few years ago- already fought to get a recount, which gave me back 8 months they overlooked (after filing complaint with consumer protection bureau). As you can imagine, even then they weren't terribly forthcoming with their logic.

            Thoughts on best way to fight this? I'm even willing to pay an attorney (as last resort) given sums involved.

            Thanks again everyone!