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PSLF for MBA and MD loans?

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  • PSLF for MBA and MD loans?

    Hello all,

    Graduating MS4 here. Have a couple questions about what to do with my loans now that graduation is on the horizon.

    1. From the reading I've done, it seems like REPAYE during residency is usually the best option in most scenarios, and what I plan to do. Is this the case, or am I missing something? For info, I am not married and have no dependents and ~200k in student loans. Significant other will also be a resident next year, but we are not married and won't be combining finances until we are married.

    2. I have some loans from an MBA that I did during medical school. I logged onto Navient to check my loans and get them in order, and it appears as though my MBA loans are actually "In-school Deferment", I'm assuming because I have graduated from my MBA program. My medical school loans are still in the status of just "In-school".
    As I know it is important to get as many $0 payments in for PSLF as possible, should I try to get my MBA loans out of deferment and possibly start accruing $0 payments to count towards the eventual 120 payments for PSLF? I'll be graduating in May, so I'm not sure if it will make that much of a difference but figured I could get the ball rolling since I have more free time now in the spring of MS4 year.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Not a PSLF answer.
    PAYE is better for married borrowers when both spouses have an income and REPAYE is typically better for single borrowers when comparing PAYE vs. REPAYE.

    You have 4 months left . The benefit is the interest subsidy. I would be working through whether all loans qualify and changing plans all at once . I would hate running two sets of loans through different payment programs.
    Decisions about how to properly manage student loans are becoming more and more complicated each year. Making your student loan decisions properly can be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Studentloanhero has some good calculators.