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Pay $50 a month in loans while in dental school?

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  • Pay $50 a month in loans while in dental school?

    I have one year left of dental school with a total loan amount reaching 280k with interest. This does not include my last year of tuition + loans. I work while in school and have been netting about $500-600 a month. Most of it goes to my rent and food. Should I think about paying $50 a month towards my Grad Plus interest loans? My emergency funds will be provided by my parents so I am not too worried about that although I have some money saved up just in case. I know it is a extremely tiny amount but will it do anything for me at all.

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    Take out less borrowed money accordingly.


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      Not going to make much of a dent.

      If you find you are building up a cash reserve, make a substantive payment.