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IRS link for Income-Driven Payment Renewal

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  • IRS link for Income-Driven Payment Renewal

    anyone else having trouble getting the IRS link for tax return info to work on the income-driven repayment renewal web site?

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    You're talking about pulling in your return info automatically?

    I had no issues when I did this in June except I might have had to disable my VPN for it to go through.

    Try a different browser maybe?


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      YEP! It's true. The IRS Retrieval Tool is down. They had an issue with security/privacy. They are working on a fix, yet don't expect if for numerous weeks.

      The solution to re-certify your income for IDR plans? Go to Fill out the on-line repayment plan application form. Print the form. Attach the page of your 1040 that shows your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Mail or fax to the address on the form.


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        Joy is right that the link is down.  It's also down for FAFSA due to possible security concerns.


        One easier way is that if you have Fedloans as your servicer you can log into their website and upload the application and supporting tax documents.  Much faster than mailing and with proof of sending unlike fax.  I had an email confirmation that they were processing my renewal within 24 hours.


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          You should always save your tax documents.  HR Block and TurboTax should create pdfs for you; otherwise just scan them.  I used to just upload the 1040 to do this and not bother with another government website (though, to give some credit, I actually find the IRS's site very functional most of the time).