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New PSLF Paper by Brookings Institute

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  • cubic.q
    I've read elsewhere that people already participating in the program (e.g. IBR and working toward PSLF) will most likely be grandfathered in (should changes be made) as that has been the precedent when congress makes changes.

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  • remapthesoul
    started a topic New PSLF Paper by Brookings Institute

    New PSLF Paper by Brookings Institute

    Wanted to post the link to a new paper from the Brookings Institute on PSLF. This is an "anti" perspective on the program. I was surprised (maybe more relieved?) that physicians were not singled out with the misnomer of the so-called "doctor loophole," but rather a generalization of those who went to graduate or professional schools was the primary focus. Seems that as October 2017 (when the first recipients can apply for forgiveness) approaches, the media coverage will only intensify and change to the program is likely.