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NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP)

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  • NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP)

    Anyone out there have any experience or insight into the NIH Loan Repayment Programs?

    This is pathway for loan repayment that is seems to be overlooked by the WCI readership and would be interested in hearing if people have any experience with it

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    i would also like to hear more about this from other people.


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      Wifey got this for Health Disparities, and two subsequent renewals. Just got turned down for a third. My perception is that it's pretty competitive (she's the 5-8 publications in high IF journals/yr type), like a NIH grant application, but YMMV.

      Another quirk is that it's taxable income and you get a 1099-G, but NIH pays taxes for you. It does raise your AGI though


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        I'm a PhD epidemiologist, not a physician (husband is), but I'm in academics and received the LRP for two rounds (four years) for clinical research. It was a great deal. Not only did it pay 80k of the 98k in student loans that I started out with, they also paid the taxes on the 80k. It's the reason my student loans are paid off entirely.

        If you are in academics and your research fits, and the NIH sees you as a promising researcher, it's a no brainer. I think it's easier to get if you have a K-award (NIH career development award) when you apply. I know several K awardees who also have a LRP award. I don't know what the success rate is. I was awarded on the first and second try. I believe applications are due 11/1. Like any NIH application, be prepared to submit again, and again, and again....


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          Hello, waiting to hear about the 2017 application. It is more competitive than it used to be, but health disparities track is especially competitive. I am awesome but still got rejected last year : )  Some of the clinical research tracks are as high as 50% rewards, and if you have a good research cv, the key is working with the IC officer to hone your app on target (I am told). A mentor of mine got multiple renewals and her 6 figure debt became 0. It is a nice mechanism for trying to justify the sometimes complete money hole that a research career feels like when you are walking around with a 6 figure debt, especially with the political uncertainty with public loan forgiveness, so I appreciate that it is for motivating a commitment to that type of work. Will keep this thread updated.