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Married ED Docs, just finished residency - Convert 403b to Roth or not?

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    I plan on just keeping the 403b as it, as I have the option in that to invest in Vanguard admiral shares for the SP500. If my new employer’s 401K has self-directed option (and not just a single fund with a 0.7% ratio), I may roll it over into a 401K with Vanguard just to make all my investments under one roof.

    Thanks for the help guys. I appreciate it.
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    Good choice, in my humble opinion. I thought I read you had crummy funds in the old 403(b), but I stand corrected.

    You guys are in great shape. Two substantial incomes and the fact that you've discovered this site and posted in the forums -- you know what to do. Enjoy life, live on one paycheck or less, and the world is your oyster.