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  • Solo 401k provider needed

    Now that I got the vesting problem fixed, I need to find a place to roll my old 401k to.  I would like to roll it into a Solo-401k.  I do some occasional moonlighting paid on 1099 so this qualifies me as a sole proprietorship.  In fact, I already have a Solo-401k at TD Ameritrade, but I don't want to be restricted to investing in equities anymore.  So I am looking for a provider who can open a new account, accept a rollover of Roth 401k money, and give me checkbook control.

    What features should I look for in a provider?  What kinds of costs can I expect?  Any gotchas?

    When answering, please make it very clear if you have any conflicts of interest (e.g., if you are a provider yourself or stand to gain financially by referring me to one).  I don't have any objection to hearing advice from people who have a financial interest in earning my business, but be up front about it.

    I also need a new HSA provider.  In the interest of keeping it simple, I will probably take that up in another thread.  But if you're reading this and happen to know one, I'm all ears...


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    I'm not a big fan of self-directed retirement accounts. I have seen far too many prohibited transactions and think the risk outweighs the benefits. My view is you should take your risks with your taxable investments and not your retirement accounts. So I'll leave that for others.

    Effective 11/15/18, Fidelity started offering fee-free retail HSA accounts. You can invest in any of their low cost index funds, other Fidelity mutual funds, NTF and other third-party mutual funds and any marketable securities. Shortly thereafter Lively eliminated their fees. I think either is a good option.


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      Did not realize Fidelity started offering an HSA. I have used Lively and paid the fee monthly...... Glad they have stopped but I may move mine to Fidelity just to consolidate. I have my s401k through Fidelity and have been very happy. Good support and easy to use website.