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HDHP as a secondary insurance for stealth IRA?

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  • HDHP as a secondary insurance for stealth IRA?

    I'm joining a private practice and the practice offers a HDHP with a $100 monthly contribution into an HSA without any extra premiums (I get this for "free"). My wife, through her work, has an amazing health plan where coverage for her is free as well and our family can be covered for just an extra $25 per month.  Objectively, her health insurance plan is significantly better than the HDHP offered through my work. However, I want to use my HDHP as a stealth IRA.

    Can I have two health insurance plans and use my wife's health insurance as my primary insurance and just use my HDHP for the stealth IRA and receive the $100 monthly contribution? I've read conflicting information about this online and was wondering if anyone had any personal experience doing this.

    Thanks in advance!

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      I recommend using her plan; it sounds much better.

      I will channel the WCI and say that $100/month for a doctor is chump change.

      See if they will let you take the $100/month as income and (after tax) use it to help fund your backdoor Roth.

      Maybe they will also let you take their expected contribution to your health insurance as salary, too. Our practice started doing this, and it has been a significant benefit to our family ($10k/year or so--might also be chump change for the WCI ).


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        Thanks for the input - it looks like doing this isn't allowed. I'm contacting my practice to see if they would be willing to contribute the health insurance premium to my salary. Thanks!