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Double coverage HSA question

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    The HMO provides more than listed above, so your wife is not an eligible individual The rules for married people therefore don’t apply to you You can not be on your wife’s HMO (would render you ineligible) She can be on your HDHP Since you are eligible and she is covered (even though she’s ineligible), it is a family plan

    tex: all correct as written, except wife has ppo, not hmo

    So, the one of you with the HDHP can contribute $6,650 to an HSA if you’re both on the HDHP and only the other one is on the HMO, based on that. Seems super-fishy, though.  I don’t think this situation is often encountered because who the ************************ would pay for two health insurances for a healthy person?

    tex: my hdhp provides some coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment (brutally expensive) that her ppo (which is free to her) does not cover
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    unique situation i know! but we came out ahead