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  • 401k Rollover question

    My wife is switching jobs and is in the process of rolling her 401k over. All of her contributions have been roth deferral. I was just going to roll them right into her roth IRA at vanguard. But then it asks about employer contributions which are about 10K and that those would have to be rolled into an IRA.

    2 questions...

    1. Is it possibly to roll over her contributions to the roth at vanguard and the employers contributions into her new 401k at the new company?

    2. Or is there a way to just put that 10K into an IRA at vanguard and then roll it over? Or is that worth it? I had planned on doing backdoor roths this year for both of us so not sure how that would affect it.


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    1. Should be. You need to check the plan at her new employer - ask for a copy of the SPD. Even more important, her prior custodian must cooperate and agree to roll over to 2 separate custodians.

    2. If you're doing back-door Roth contributions, you don't want to keep the $10k for in a TIRA (for her - won't affect you). The simplest solution might be to roll it all out to Vanguard then roll the IRA into her new 401k plan. Again, the new plan must accept roll-ins.

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