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    I had an employer match in my previous job for my 401K.  I have recently moved to a new job that offers a 401K and I want to roll over the money from the previous account to the new one to put all my 401K money in one place.  Does the money that was contributed through my previous employer - via the match- get rolled over too?  When I contacted the company they told me only the amount that I had contributed would roll over.  Thanks

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    We’re you vested, either fully or partially? Depending on the vesting schedule, you may not have been at your previous job long enough.


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      Got it..thank you


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        If you are vested, it's yours. So everything moves over.


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          First, check your new employer's SPD to make sure that the plan accepts rollovers.

          If you were told that only your contributions would roll over, it sounds like you were not vested, but take a look at the old SPD to make sure. There is a lot of room for error on 401k plans, some intentional, most not, but you need to watch out for yourself.
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            Also make sure your new employer even allows incoming rollovers