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Question about EIN vs SS# on 1099

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  • Question about EIN vs SS# on 1099

    Last year in April I opened a solo 401k with my new EIN and rolled my sep-Ira into it. I sent a new W-9 with my EIN to the two places where I moonlight for 1099 income and asked them to start using it instead of my SS#. I got my 1099’s this year and they both have my SS# not the EIN. Do I need to do anything about correcting it? Can I still contribute 20% of that income to my solo 401k as the employer part to reach the $54K limit?

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    The IRS just needs to match the income recorded on your return to the 1099’s that were issued. Assuming this is a pass-through and likely a disregarded entity, just record the 1099 income in the form you record the rest of your self-employed business activity.

    Your eligible Solo-K contributions will all be based off your tax return.