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  • HSA

    My practice offers a HDHP health insurance plan. But they do also offer an option to buy GAP insurance to cover the deductible. If I get the GAP insurance, can I still qualify from HSA criteria? Thanks in advance.

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    Gap insurance is becoming more popular as a fill-in-the-blank for HDHP plans. Unfortunately, you cannot participate in an HSA if you are covered by gap insurance.
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      There is a possibility that this could be OK with an HSA.

      If the GAP insurance only kicks in after the HSA minimum deductibles, then it would not be disqualifying "other" coverage.

      The HSA minimum deductibles are; $1,350 individual, $2,700 family.

      So gap insurance for a family that did not kick in until $2,700 would be OK. If it could pay any claims for general purpose medical expenses < $2,700 it would not be OK.

      This would be similar in concept to a post deductible FSA or HRA which are allowed to coexist with an HSA.


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        Thanks both for the advice.