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Vanguard Roth IRA fund selection

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  • Vanguard Roth IRA fund selection

    Looking for some advice regarding fund selection for Roth IRAs with Vanguard.  Wife and I are in early 30s with combined income of $550k.  Currently maxing 401(k) for self and spouse.  I have access to good vanguard funds in my 401(k) but pretty much limited to Vanguard 500 index Admiral, Vanguard Small Cap index admiral and target retirement funds with wife's 401(k).  Striving for a 80/20 AA at this point.  Neither of our 401(k)s have access to vanguard international funds or small cap value funds.  I have been reading that it may be advantageous to put Small Cap value funds, Value funds and total international funds in Roth IRA due to tax free growth.  I put about $35k into a taxable account last year and it is mostly Vanguard bonds.  Any advice on Vanguard funds for Roth IRA?

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    any of the ones you mentioned: total stock, total intl, small cap, REIT.


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      WCICON24 EarlyBird
      This is assuming you want to invest in backdoor roth IRA and won't be touching the money for over 25-30 years.

      1) VTIAX

      2) VTWSX

      3) VTI

      4) VSMAX

      5) VFSVX

      6) Vanguard life strategy conservative growth fund (once you would want more bonds in Roth IRA).

      A note re: VSMAX & VFSVX- These get selective. For small amount in roth, these may not be advantageous unless your entire portfolio is technology/finance/health care heavy and need to rebalance.