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Gov457 and possible changes w/2018 Bill

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  • Gov457 and possible changes w/2018 Bill

    I just read WCI's new post on the tax Bill. I have a gov457 that I put 18K in yearly as pre-tax. I want to cont doing this as I don't have access to any other space except for my solo401K. My gov457 plan also has some cheap Vanguard index fund options.

    I will call HR and my plan advisors come next week to see if they are aware of any changes to it, but in the meanwhile post here if you see any good articles.


    My question is: If there are changes that decrease the benefit of the pre-tax part then why not USE it as the ROTH option? Would it not beat a taxable account where you pay taxes twice? if I used the roth option I would pay taxes now but then I would not pay taxes on any of the profits come withdrawal time?




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    afaik the 457 is unchanged yet. Please correct me if I'm wrong.