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Retirement help - Fidelity versus TIAA-CREF vs Voya vs Valic

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    Fido all the way imo.
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    Enlighten me!
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    Good UI, great fund choices (most Vanguard equiv at same ER), *not* an insurance company trying to drain your coffers with fees, numerous brick-and-mortar locations in the unlikely event you need one.


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      I have fidelity and TIAA as options at my academic job. I felt TIAA had better options for me - Vanguard funds that get me the major asset classes I want. Expense ratios are extremely low. Couple asset classes I can’t find good options for, so I get them in taxable


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        Not even a contest, fidelity. They have all the options and basically free etfs. You dont want any of the insurance ones, those are high priced and terrible.


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          I had TIAA at a previous academic job and our financial advisor commented on how there were actually a lot of good choices available in that plan. Our current job is also has TIAA too, but has fewer funds to choose from. So how good a choice TIAA is may depend on what funds you can pick from with variability between institutions.