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I'm in a low tax bracket for 2017 ! How can I max out after tax contributions?

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  • I'm in a low tax bracket for 2017 ! How can I max out after tax contributions?

    Hi everyone,

    I realize there are only 2 weeks left to 2017 and I would love your help to figure out how to maximize our current situation!


    We are in a transition state of life right now: Husband graduated residency in July 2017 and we moved cross country for his fellowship. My licensing in the new state took longer than expected thus 2017 is the first year our combined income will be around $170K - so we can contribute to a ROTH this year. He will graduate fellowship in Aug 2018 and I predict our combined income in 2018 to be around $150K (we plan to take a few months off before he starts as an attending).



    Current retirement accounts:

    401(a) w STRS OH - husband's residency (contributed $4700 in 2017, employer match $3200)

    Roth 403(b) w Fidelity - husband's fellowship (contributed $3500 in 2017, no employer match)

    SIMPLE IRA w Vanguard - my previous employer (contributed $9200 in 2017, employer match $1,800)

    401(k) w John Hancock - my new employer (contributed $1400 in 2017, employer match $700)

    No contributions this year to these old accounts: Rollover IRA w Vanguard, SEP IRA w Fidelity, ROTH IRA w Scottrade. I will consolidate all these once we are no longer moving all over the US.


    Before our income enters the higher tax brackets in 2019 I really want to maximize any after tax contributions in this lower tax bracket. I understand I can contribute $5500/person into a ROTH IRA for 2017 and 2018, also we can contribute up to $18,500 into the ROTH 403(b) for 2018 (I missed the boat for 2017).

    Is there anything else we should do for 2017 and 2018 to take advantage of our lower tax bracket?

    Thank you all for your help!




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    lower is definitely relative. there will be ppl here to say yes full steam on roth 401k. others will say no stick to traditional.

    would definitely clear up any SEP/SIMPLE/trad IRAs so you can do clean backdoor rIRAs in the next few years.


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      Why not convert that old rollover IRA and SEP IRA?
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