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Did I mess up my Backdoor Roth?

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  • Did I mess up my Backdoor Roth?

    A few days ago I put my $5500 into Vanguard traditional IRA. It went into a Federal Money Market Fund. I had to wait 7 days for the funds to settle. I was going t go ahead and do the backdoor conversion but now I noticed my account says the balance is $5500.17. Agh!! Its seems I am going to have a balance of $0.17 after the conversion in my traditional IRA. Did I mess it up?

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    Haha you must be as OCD as I, no mess up, it's all good.


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      You can leave the $ 0.17 there for next year.  You will use the  $ 0.17 account again next year.


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        On IRS forms you round to the dollar.  Just move the total amount and don't worry about it.  In the future tell your brokerage to set up a sweep so any pennies that show up after the rollover get swept to the Roth.


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          nope. thats good.

          next time move the entire amount over.

          you just end up pay tax on it.

          so assume 25% of 0.17 is 0.04.....cents.

          which gets rounded to the nearest dollar on your taxes.

          so zero.


          you worried for zero!


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            Thanks all for your prompt response.