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Previous Emloyer 401(K) - Was not aware I had one !

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    Originally posted by litovskyassetmanagement View Post

    HCE is highly compensated, or W2 above $135k ish (it was lower a few years back). I'm not sure what SS stands for. Definitely ask the plan administrator. All of these are administrator questions. My answer is based on the information provided, there may be other things in play.
    Yes, I was a HCE then in that case. I will reach out to the plan admistrator. Thank you !


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      The reality is you want to find out what your vested balance is and what your options are (you would be eligible for a rollover if you have a place to put it).

      You haven't identified the plan custodian. That is a call or login you need to make. The custodian is likely the one that will give you better answers and an explanation or the section of the SPD they work from. They likely administer the plan. Often they will say: form abc from website and mail it in.