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Can All HSAs Be Invested?

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  • Can All HSAs Be Invested?

    We just signed up for an HSA through my husband's employer. It's with a small local bank. Since we're just setting up the account, I called the bank to see what the investment options are and the woman on the phone said you can't invest the funds in an HSA. Right now it's earning .05% interest, just like a regular savings account. Do certain banks not let you invest the funds in an HSA, or is this person misinformed? Right now the account only has $200 in it, so could the low amount be the issue?

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    No, not all. Take a spin here, and see what you find.

    Here is WCI's suggestion on how to choose!


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      Thanks @adventure. Is there a downside to funding the HSA after payroll (outside of his employer)? I remember a thread discussing the pros/cons, but I can't seem to find it.


      ETA: Found it