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  • Mega Backdoor Roth Solo 401k Options

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for recommendations regarding a TPA to help setup/manage a solo 401k that allows MBDR.

    I currently have a solo 401k with eTrade. I have approximately 250k in 1099 income and estimate that I could contribute around 37k as profit sharing, after deducting company expenses. I also have a W2 job where I am maxing out my employEE contribution with a small employer match. I was interested in setting up a 401k that allows MBDR to take advantage of the potential 24k of space that I could do after tax contributions and then a Roth conversion.

    I have looked into options and found Mysolo401k as well as Rocketdollar but I understand that they do not assist with compliance etc. It is also my understanding that eTrade may have recently added the option to do MBDR and I could amend my plan documents to allow this? Is my situation relatively straightforward where I should be able to use one of those companies or would you all still recommend a TPA. If you would recommend a TPA, any specific recommendations? The only company I was able to find is Employee Fiduciary. Thanks in advance.

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    Read this recent thread, essentially the same question:


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      Employee Fiduciary - TPA