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    Hello. I am a resident physician my wife is a nurse but dropped down to PRN last year to care for our kids. This is my my last year of residency and I will be doing a one year fellowship. This year will likely be our lowest earning year barring anything crazy. I did a back door Roth conversion for my wife and I in January. We are usually around the max MAGI so I went ahead and did a backdoor conversion instead of a direct contribution just in case. My wife has an old 401k from a previous employer. Am I able to roll this directly into her Roth IRA at vanguard? If not, if I roll it into her traditional IRA will I be able to convert it to her Roth account or will that cause problems for the backdoor conversion I already did in January for 2022? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    you can probably roll her old 401k directly into the Roth IRA. You could roll it into her IRA and then convert but that's an extra step