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    Changed employer earlier this year and rolled over my HSA from UMB to PNC.
    Went back to UMB site to access my "receipt vault" which I can apparently no longer access since my UMB HSA account is now closed.
    I've since called UMB, WageWorks, and ADP to no avail.
    Any suggestions as to how I can regain access to my previously uploaded healthcare expenditure receipts. It was only a few thousand dollars but I see no reason as to why I shouldn't be able to access these uploaded receipts.

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    Not sure but I’d always recommend keeping them where you can access them.


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      I recall a couple of threads in the past - same problem, different HSA banks, same results. Depending on yourself is better than depending on others given your vested interest in accessing receipts in the future. I scan my receipts, email them to myself and store in a separate folder. I’ve also created a spreadsheet where I log in the receipt info so when I access the funds I don’t need the receipts unless requested by an IRS audit. This previous thread is a good discussion: