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HSA Qualification Clarification

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  • HSA Qualification Clarification

    From what I can tell the 2022 HSA Guidelines require HDHP with minimum deductible of $2,800 and maximum out-of-pocket amount of $14,100 for a family plan.
    The plan I have thought my employer has a $2,000 IN network deductible, and a $10,000 OUT of network deductible. It has an IN network maximum OOP of $14,000 for family plan and an OUT of network maximum OOP of $20,000. Is this plan HSA eligible? I was not able to clarify for sure on the IRS website whether the amounts were only for in-network amounts, or if out-of-network amounts could work for eligibility. It seemed to me that this would not qualify as the in network deductible was below the minimum. But was not sure if you could mix and match, since the out of network deductible would qualify and the in network maximum OOP would qualify.

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    It's possible your plan would qualify, if your deductible is 'aggregate'. Does your plan have any copays? If so, it's for sure not a qualified plan.