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No employer retirement plan 1st year--help with a plan please

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  • No employer retirement plan 1st year--help with a plan please

    Novice here.

    I am currently in fellowship and recently accepted a private practice position. The group offers a typical 401k with match, but only after 1 year of employment. Not just no match until year 2 but I cannot even participate in the retirement plan until year 2. Working to make heads or tails of my plan to contribute as tax-free/sheltered as I can. And would appreciate some more experienced wisdom.

    I am married with 3 kids. Our only debts are student loan in low $300k range.

    It appears that for 2022 my MAGI would be below the IRS cap for a IRA as I will be splitting the year with fellow and attending salary.

    Any thoughts or a general strategy?

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    Are you W2 or 1099


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      Fwiw, this is pretty common. Comments in this thread may be helpful. If you have a plan available in fellowship, you may not even miss a year, as follows:
      • Fellowship ends ~7/1/22: max out the 1st half of 2022
      • Become eligible @ new practice 8/1/23 (assume you take off a few wks for moving, etc): max out last part of yr
      in the big picture, missing a yr of contributing to pre-tax and deferring that $ to taxable instead is not going to have much overall impact - in fact, you may be better off over the long term.

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