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Is taxable account the next step?

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  • Is taxable account the next step?

    I work full-time for large medical group.  Maxing out 401k, doing backdoor Roth for myself and wife, have 529s for 2 kids, maxing out HSA.  My wife is homemaker.  My medical group has no other options for tax-advantaged accounts beyond what I'm doing.  Is a taxable account the next account to be opened as I look to increase my savings rate?   First time poster, years longer WCI reader.  Can't say enough how much this site has helped.  Job well done.

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    Yes.  And/or side job.


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      Probably, but don't know enough about your overall plan and goals. Hope this will help:

      11 Reasons You Need a Taxable Investment Account
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        In all likelihood, yes. I imagine you don't have much in the way of debt, but unless you had some poorly-structured debt or plan on retiring soon and still have a lot of mortgage, I'd still think taxable...or start buying real estate if you fancy that.


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          open a taxable.  Everybody needs the flexibility at some point.


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            especially if you plan to retire super young, you will need access to income to bridge early retirement age until eligible for distributions.

            if not taxable account, what is your next best option?