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Backdoor Roth - Time Restrictions?

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  • Backdoor Roth - Time Restrictions?

    Finally became eligible and did my backdoor Roth IRA for 2021 (mine and spouse). Can I do backdoor Roths for 2022 on January 1st (assuming it is not legislated out of existence)? Or do I have to wait a longer minimum amount of time since I did 2021 so late in the year? Thanks.

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    If the backdoor trick still works in 2022, you can make the contribution + conversion at any time in 2022. No need to wait.


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      Contributions are for the tax year. You can't start earlier. Make sure you click the correct year for the contributions.
      Conversions are by calendar year. Make sure the tIRA balance is zero at year end.


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        Thanks for the responses. I thought I had read somewhere that you need to wait a year before next contribution but that didn't make sense to me.


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          Just wait. There’ll be a thread on here about every one contributing to a traditional IRA on 1/3 and then all the Vanguard people (me included) will gripe because it takes another week for it to convert.