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  • Solo 401k tax deduction

    I am earning both w2 and recently doing 1099 income as side gig. I recently opened a solo 401k account with Tdameritrade. I would like to know if the profit sharing (employer) contribution to a solo 401k is tax deductible?

    My situation:
    Married, both under 50yo
    W2 job: $270k, 403b maxed $19.5k, $5k employer match
    Backdoor roth: $6k
    1099 income: $130k

    ​​​​1099 eligible profit sharing (employer) contribution calculated at $25,651
    I am using this calculator:

    Is this $25,651 tax deductible towards my total income as a whole or just towards the $130k 1099 income? Will TurboTax be sufficient to do this deduction for me come tax filing?


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    Well, it’s 6 of one, half a dozen of the other except you should be aware the PS contribution d/n reduce your FICA taxes. Yes, TT s/b able to handle this with no prob. I am compelled to add, however, that this is not a situation I would recommend as a DIY - there are many areas you could miss and some nuances re: determining optimal 199A deduction, deprn calc’s, home office opportunities, etc. that could impact your results. Not saying you will miss them, just food for thought.
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      Self-employed employer contributions are not deductible on Schedule C, but rather deductible on Form 1040 Schedule 1. See Schedule C Instructions for Line 19, Form 1040 Schedule 1 Instructions for line 15 and Publication 560 Retirement Plans for Small Business(SEP, SIMPLE, and Qualified Plans)


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        Thanks, it looks like the solo 401k profit sharing contribution is a deduction on all combined income according to those IRS docs. Good to know TurboTax can handle it.

        In terms of other deductions, I don't qualify for 199a, household income is above $415k and the 1099 job is healthcare related. I do telemedicine so my deductions are few since my operating costs are simply an internet connection and a computer. For simplicity I'll be doing the home office $5 per sqft x300 sqft ($1500 deduction).

        I'll welcome any other types of deduction suggestions but I think the solo 401k contribution is a greatest one.