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Consolidating Roth IRA and individual brokerage account help

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  • Consolidating Roth IRA and individual brokerage account help

    My Roth IRA and taxable brokerage accounts currently have a mix of different but similar securities. These include a mix of small cap mid cap and large cap domestic ETFs. In particular: VO VOO VBK IJH IJR IVV.

    More recently I have come to realize that I should simplify to just buy VTI and have been doing that.

    Is there any reason to consolidate the others - ie sell them all and buy VTI? Would there be any tax penalty or advantage to do so for either account?


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    You do have some overlap there. You can do anything within your Roth without creating any taxable events. Do you know your basis in your taxable accounts? If you have gains then you'll have either short term or long term capital gains depending on your income (or maybe none if your income is low enough). If you have losses then you can sell some and either offset any gains or use $3k/year as a tax deduction.


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      Thank you.