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Vanguard ETFs for Custodial IRA

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  • Vanguard ETFs for Custodial IRA

    My kids (8 and 10) will be earning a little bit of money this year for odds and ends (outside earnings, not allowance - probably in the range of a few hundred dollars per kid). We are going to set up custodial IRAs for their earnings through Vanguard, but I don't think they will hit the minimum investment for any mutual funds.  Does anyone have recommendations for ETFs that we can get them started on for now?  Thank you!

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    I don't think Fidelity has limits, and they have some free trade ETFs. I don't know about other platforms/sites though.

    Sounds like some Roth potential here!


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      Make sure the IRAs are Roth IRAs.

      I use an aggressive Vanguard Target Retirement Fund in my kids' Roth IRAs. If I had to pick an ETF at Vanguard, I'd just use Total Stock Market.
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        VOO, VBR, VOE, VTV etc all trade for free in a Vanguard account to my knowledge.  Most are in the $100-$200 range, so you should be able to buy a share or two, or mix and match different ETFs.  No commission hit on buying one share at a time.