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  • 403 b allocations


    Currently 403b Lincoln Financial as follow:

    VINIX 35%
    VSCIX 35%
    RERGX. 8% (AM europacific growth)
    JFlEX bond. 4%
    Dodge intern. Stock fund. 3%
    JPMorgan smart retirement 2030 15%


    Available options through Lincoln Financial (with expense ratio)

    Vnguard Institutional Index 0.04%
    Ticker: VINIX
    Vnguard Index Trust Small Cap Idx Instl 0.05%
    Ticker: VSCIX
    AM Fds EuroPacific Growth 0.5%
    Ticker: RERGX
    Dodg Cx International Stock Fund 0.64%
    Ticker: DODFX
    Amrtrde Self Directed Brokerage Account -------
    Calvert Equity I 0.72%
    Ticker: CEYIX
    DFA US Small Cap Value I 0.52%
    Ticker: DFSVX
    Dryfs Research Growth 0.88%
    Ticker: DWOIX
    Gmo Benchmark Free Allocation Series 1%
    Ticker: GBMRX
    J Hancock 3 Discipline Value 0.8%
    Ticker: JVLIX
    Janus Flexible Bond 0.56% (1y return=2.28%, 5y=2.74%)
    Ticker: JFLEX
    Jpm Sr 2020
    Ticker: JTTIX
    Jpm Sr 2025
    Ticker: JNSIX
    Jpm Sr 2030 0.69%
    Ticker: JSMIX
    Jpm Sr 2035 0.72%
    Ticker: SRJIX
    Jpm Sr 2040
    Ticker: SMTIX
    Jpm Sr 2045
    Ticker: JSAIX
    Jpm Sr 2050
    Ticker: JTSIX
    Jpm Sr 2055
    Ticker: JFFIX
    Jpm Sr Incm
    Ticker: JSIIX

    Wl Fgo Discovery Instl 0.87%
    Ticker: WFDSX
    Fidelity US Bond Index 0.05% (1y return=1.45%, 5y=2.16%)


    Contributing max to 403b = 24k/year (I am 50 yo)
    Job matches 50% on the first 6% of my contribution
    Planning to work "forever" (unless sick)

    Any suggestion with  allocations?
    Do not see much bonds options and the existing one have low interest...

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    Pretty much all bonds are low interest these days.

    I don't see the point in including a target date fund among your allocations.  They're intended to be a "buy and forget it" autopilot fund for investors who don't want to do much research.  I'd drop it and split that money among the funds you already own, or pick up that Dodge and Cox Small Cap Value fund in its place.


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      Looks like your Plan offers a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) option through TD Ameritrade.  If you are not satisfied with the investment options available in the Plan, you can open a SDBA at TDA and invest in any mutual fund, ETF, and etc. that TDA offers.