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403b question again

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  • 403b question again

    Recently posted by did not get any answers so decided ask for advise again


    Ok, I have 403b plan  that so far shows return 3.04%

    I also have small amount of money in 401k ( all invested in JPMorgan 2030 with 8% as of right now).

    Question: does it make sense to place all money in target fund? Or future money in Target fund only?

    I am 50yo and need to build retirement quickly

    Probably not but something wrong with picture…

    I had FI from Fidelity look at it few months back and he said it is OK but I know other people getting much better return


    My Elections

    •   Vnguard Institutional Index   40.00%

    •   Vnguard Index Trust Small Cap Idx Instl   30.00%

    •   AM Fds EuroPacific Growth   10.00%

    •   Dodg Cx International Stock Fund   10.00%

    •   Janus Henderson Flexible Bond   10.00%



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    That "stable value" fund only earns like 1.5%.  That's hurting your gains right there.

    Based on those holdings, idk how come they haven't grown.  12-month returns on those are VIIIX 19.55%, VSCIX 20.03%, AEPGX 23.39%, DODFX 30.63%.  No clue how they didn't return, unless they were in that stable value fund before you moved them to the other funds.

    Did you just move money out of a stable value fund?  Are those numbers YTD or 12-month return?