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Convinced employer to add Roth 401k option

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  • Convinced employer to add Roth 401k option

    After 2 years, I was finally able to convince my employer (hospital) to add a Roth 401k/403b option to our benefit plan next year.  After hearing the news, I've also asked if the would allow in-plan Roth conversions.  Anything else that I should ask?

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    Excess (taxable) employee benefits to allow you to fill up the full $54K per year.  In-service withdrawals of excess employee contributions.

    Low cost, high quality mutual funds and ETFs.  Maybe Dimensional Fund Adviser funds as well, if that's your thing.


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      I actually had recommended the option of allowing after-tax contributions to the $54K annual limit, but the response I received was "Given the Roth will be added, there would be no need to consider adding just an after tax contribution option."  Luckily, our plan is run through Vanguard so we already have access to good index funds.


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        Great! We have it and have not used it since the last round of tax hikes.