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Can I contribute to my spouse's HSA account pre-tax

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  • Can I contribute to my spouse's HSA account pre-tax

    Hi, I have a question please, thanks for all the help rendered so far.
    Our health insurance is through my spouse. It is eligible for HSA. Without getting into details would I be able to contribute to the HSA pre-tax from my paycheck or does it all have to come from the spouse's. Is it possible to do it post- tax?
    Thanks guys as always.

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    It's not pre or post tax really. If you don't get the deduction on your paycheck, you'll later claim the deduction on your taxes. You can't have your employer withhold the money for your spouse's employer's HSA. You can open an HSA anywhere and contribute up to the maximum allowed across all accounts. It's best if it's withheld from your spouse's paycheck so you don't have to pay FICA tax but this is a fairly small amount. She doesn't have $7k in income?


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      An employer is required to limit HSA contributions by salary reduction to the employee's HSA eligibility based on the HDHP plan type they are enrolled in. There has been a few cases where an employer did not follow this requirement, but I wouldn't chance it.

      Under the rules for married people the family contribution limit can be allocated between the spouses in any manner they agree to. Your contributions would have to be made by direct after-tax contribution and deducted on your MFJ tax return.

      Contributions by salary reduction are exempt from FICA taxes and therefore generally best unless unmarried person is going to be < the SS second bend point.

      Catch-up contributions >= age 55 have to be made each spouse's own account.
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        Thanks a lot guys for your help. This really helps me to figure things out.