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Does anyone besides KPMG offer a DB pension plan these days?

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  • Does anyone besides KPMG offer a DB pension plan these days?

    Participated in a benefits review panel for my organization. I'm happy with our package. It rewards longevity > 7 years with ca 10% retirement contributions and 40 days of combined PTO and CME per year. Good pay if you are productive.

    I said I wanted a sabbatical every ten years and/or a defined benefit pension. Like Kaiser. Would accept after tax 403b and in service rollover to facilitate mega backdoor Roth IRA in lieu of first two requests.

    What do you think?
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    What’s kpmg, do you mean tpmg


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      Originally posted by fatlittlepig View Post
      What’s kpmg, do you mean tpmg
      No the better scpmg


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        Very interesting thought experiment. I think it all depends on your age. My defined benefit plan was not that big of a bonanza for me. There was a 5% reduction in benefits for every year under 65, so the total value of my benefit is less than a quarter of what it would have been if I were at retirement age. I naively thought it was a straight up 12% bonus when I took the job out of residency.
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          I personally would want control of the money myself. But the vast majority of people would be better off with a pension.


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            I'm a new attending at a state institution. I had the choice between the state's pension/DB plan and what they call the "optional retirement plan," basically a third tax-deferred account (functions as a 403(b)) in addition to my 403(b) and 457(b). The state puts 7.25% of my salary into it as a gift every year, and I am 100% vested from day 1. The choice between the two plans had to be made on my first day and was irrevocable. I went with the optional plan because I figured a bird in hand...

            I think DB plans are still pretty common in the public space.