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  • Portfolio Preparation

    Emergency Fund
    1 Year

    Mortgage 2.25%

    Single/22% tax rate/zero state tax

    Age 52


    Non Taxable Assets
    12% MFOCX Roth IRA ER 1.04%
    10% TSP (C Fund)
    15% 401K Income Fund (similar to TSP C Fund) 9% company match
    3% Ameritrade Trad IRA (stocks)
    2% Ameritrade Roth IRA (stocks)

    Taxable Assets
    24% Vanguard (VGYAX ER .31% and stocks)
    24% Ameritrade (stocks)
    3% Janus JNRFX ER .69%
    3% AWG Bond Fund (MBDFX) ER .55%
    4% Cash

    $50K Annual. Covers all my expenses.

    I max out my 401K and Traditional IRA.

    I’m preparing to leave my job in the next 3 months. Above is my current situation. I have the following questions:

    1. Any improvements I should make to prepare for retirement?
    2. Should I attempt to consolidate accounts?
    3. Am I going to get killed in taxes during retirement? If so, any ideas to reduce the impact?
    4. Any other advice?

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    The biggest question is health insurance. Plans?
    I would consolidate accounts if possible.
    What are your plans for paying off your mortgage? How big is it? What percent of your yearly spend is to the mortgage?
    You could list the ERs on all those funds for an opinion.
    How much in Roth versus IRA?
    Great that your pension covers your expenses.


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      Health insurance—currently covered by Tricare until 65 then I believe I have to switch to Medicare.

      Mortgage is 300K. Makes up 38% of my annual expenses. Because of my low interest rate, I plan to make mortgage payments to allow me keep money invested.

      Expense ratios for mutual funds updated above.

      $220K in Roth. $430K traditional.