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    I am rolling over roth IRA from American Funds to Vanguard.  How important is this Medallion Signature that is mentioned in the forms? thanks

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    Medallion signature is a PIA.

    However, good news is that I doubt you need it for their form.  I literally did a roth rollover to Vanguard a few months ago, it looked like it needed that medallion guarantee. I called to ask if there was some other way because my past experience with obtaining a medallion sig guarantee was such a hassle, and the rep told me that I didn't need it.  I sent in my rollover form without the medallion guarantee and it processed.

    I think it's there on the form in the event you're doing X, Y, Z beyond a simple rollover.


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      WCICON24 EarlyBird
      Had to do it several years ago to roll over my IRA from Raymond James to Vanguard. It was a major PITA since my bank does not do it.

      If I remember correctly Vanguard had a workaround.