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Where can I find my Vanguard's "plan ID#"?

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  • Where can I find my Vanguard's "plan ID#"?

    Quick question:  need to make a last minute contribution to my wife's solo 401k for 2016 and somehow got locked out of the account.  To reset the password, the they the SS# and a Plan ID#.  I can't find it, and Vanguard was closed today due to holiday.  They say the Plan ID# is on the statement, but the numbers I see there are long and this only allows to input up to 8 digits.  Does anyone know where I can find them?

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    You have access to the information both via the small business portal and your personal vanguard account.  Those would be two different logins.  So if you forgot one, you should be able to get in using the other one (if you've created two separate accounts, which you should).
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      Yup, I've tried that.  But it does not list the Plan ID for the 401k and when you click "contribute" it redirects you to log on the small biz site.  Weird, maybe I am missing something.  Anyway, will call them on Monday - hope I can still make the contribution for 2016 without creating any mess.