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  • Solo 401k Robo Advisor?


    I am still stumbling along without a Financial Advisor - i'm about 8 months out of residency and now working as a Hospitalist with some 1099 locums here and there on the side.

    I think I understood previous posts from the WCI to mean that if I rolled all of my previous IRAs into a solo 401k that I could avoid having to pay taxes on those while still contributing the 54k max into the i401k going forward with my 1099 locums work. So I did just that and rolled about 45k from all of my other IRAs into a solo 401k at TD Ameritrade and am planning on contributing the max this year into that (will be about 20k contribution for 2016 I think, just waiting for the final number from my CPA).

    I will be doing the backdoor Roth this year to move 5.5k into a Roth solo 401k and I am looking for a really good Robo Advisor that can manage both of my solo 401k accounts (i.e. the pre-tax and post-tax accounts; which will have approx 65k and 5.5k respectively as of next week).

    Any thoughts/advice?  Can any of the well known Robo Advisors like Betterment or Personal Capital manage both of these accounts?  I think they all say they basically do everything except 401k accounts?  But does that include solo 401k as well.  And if that is the case, what options do I have for Robo Advisors?

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    You do not rollover the Roth conversion of a non-deductible traditional IRA contribution to a Roth 401k. Not only does a backdoor Roth IRA go to a Roth IRA, you can never rollover Roth IRA assets to anything but a Roth IRA.


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      I believe Future Advisor will manage 401 k and Roth IRA