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Need help with 403b allocations

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  • Need help with 403b allocations

    I am 50 yo with 80k in 403b (maximized, but started late in life)

    My Investments as of right now:

    Vnguard Institutional Index 33.20%
    Vnguard Index Trust Small Cap Idx Instl 32.60%
    Lincoln Stable Value Account -Z89 16.96%
    AM Fds EuroPacific Growth 8.63%
    Dodg Cx International Stock Fund 8.61%

    Recently elections were changed to more "aggressive "style and are as follow:

    Vnguard Index Trust Small Cap Idx Instl 40.00%     (expense ration 0.07%)
    Vnguard Institutional Index 40.00%                       (0.04%)
    AM Fds EuroPacific Growth 10.00%                        (o.5%)
    Dodg Cx International Stock Fund 10.00%              (0.64%)

    Unfortunately I am seeing that as of right now my account has $79,957.97 with Personal rate of return 0.54%
    Date Range
    01/01/2017 - 02/28/2017

    What is wrong with this picture???

    Available options through Lincoln Financial:

    Vnguard Institutional Index
    Ticker: VINIX
    Vnguard Index Trust Small Cap Idx Instl
    Ticker: VSCIX
    AM Fds EuroPacific Growth
    Ticker: RERGX
    Dodg Cx International Stock Fund
    Ticker: DODFX
    Amrtrde Self Directed Brokerage Account
    Calvert Equity I
    Ticker: CEYIX
    DFA US Small Cap Value I
    Ticker: DFSVX
    Dryfs Research Growth
    Ticker: DWOIX
    Gmo Benchmark Free Allocation Series
    Ticker: GBMRX
    J Hancock 3 Discipline Value
    Ticker: JVLIX
    Janus Flexible Bond
    Ticker: JFLEX
    Jpm Sr 2020
    Ticker: JTTIX
    Jpm Sr 2025
    Ticker: JNSIX
    Jpm Sr 2030
    Ticker: JSMIX
    Jpm Sr 2035
    Ticker: SRJIX
    Jpm Sr 2040
    Ticker: SMTIX
    Jpm Sr 2045
    Ticker: JSAIX
    Jpm Sr 2050
    Ticker: JTSIX
    Jpm Sr 2055
    Ticker: JFFIX
    Jpm Sr Incm
    Ticker: JSIIX
    Lincoln Stable Value Account -Z62
    Wl Fgo Discovery Instl
    Ticker: WFDSX


    Any suggestions?

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    Would need to see the overall portfolio, overall asset allocation, know risk profile and years to retirement.  Hard to give focused advice without knowing the big picture.


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      Agreed with ENT Doc.

      Do you have any investments in a taxable account? Just a thought: the two international funds in your 403b (EuroPacific Growth and Dodge Intl Stock) carry a high expense ratio and don't allow you to qualify for the foreign tax credit being in a tax-sheltered account. If you have a taxable account with lower cost international index fund options, it might be worth putting your international allocation there.


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        For your personal rate of return are you looking just the one month you noted or is that your return over a year?
        "01/01/2017 – 02/28/2017"


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          it is for 2 months. Is it normal ?


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            The S&P was up 1.79% in January, and 3.72% in Feb so .54% seems on the low end, but averaged over the course of a year that would be ~6% rate of return.


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              what is S&P ?


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                Got it...just googled S&P...


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                  Last week was not great for US equities. But yes, that return percentage is not annualized.


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                    so, is 0.54% for 2 months OK?


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                      lmk you are unfortunately asking the wrong questions.

                      first, what is your overall plan and what assets do you have?

                      what asset allocation do you want? do you realize with your current mix you will lose about 1/2 in the next downturn....

                      do you even want international?

                      then you build a portfolio around that given the puzzle pieces you have.


                      while i could figure out my return, i honestly havent looked in years. because my funds are indexed to track the market. nothing more. nothing less.


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                        so now to answer your ?:

                        i would do 80:20 institutional and small cap

                        international is up to you but would go with the full fund of Dodge and Cox, but given the expense i would try and put it elsewhere. otherwise anywhere between 0 and 50% is reasonable if you understand why.

                        you need fixed income, but how much is the stable value paying? again what other accounts do you have where you could put this?