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Which accounts are better at Vanguard or Schwab then Fidelity?

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  • Which accounts are better at Vanguard or Schwab then Fidelity?

    Both my husband's and my employer accounts are at Fidelity. As such 85% of our retirement money is  there.  We've (ok, really, it's just I) have always loved Vanguard, where about 10% of our money is. We also have 5% at Schwab (our checking account is there and it, too, is great).  Are there any funds that are better at Vanguard (or at Schwab)?  I'm embarrassed to say I just discovered how great Brokerage Link can be, so I've recently become much happier about having so much of our money at Fidelity.   Our asset classes are:

    Total US Index,   Extended US market,   Medium Value (I may ditch this),   Small Value,    Micro

    REIT (US)

    International Index,    Small-Medium International,   Emerging Market

    Bond,   TIPS

    Energy (I may be getting rid of this too)

    Gold (TGLDX...I don't care for Vanguard's gold and PM fund...and I'm not sure I'm going to keep this class)

    I feel like Fidelity has really upped their game over the years:  What does Vanguard still do markedly better, as i only have a little money to put in their funds?  Also, anything uniquely great about Schwab?  I may move that money over to Fidelity, as most of the funds I have at Schwab are also in Fidelity NTF Brokerage Link.

    Thank you

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    Taxable imo. VG has great tax-managed equity funds and tax-exempt bond funds, though one could easily argue that the passive index funds are tax-efficient enough.

    I talked about them here: