I'm in a 5 physician group with a total of 30 employees.  Our current plan fees are 1.2%.  There is another company (America's Best 401K / Creative planning) that quoted us similar book keeping and employee advice/support for <0.51%.

Over the next 20 years, if I put away the same amount into my 401K, at a conservative 7.0% interest (I have averaged 9%+ over the last 8 years), that 0.51% difference translates to $600,000+ in additional fees!!!    I do have an independent financial advisor.  He is different from the 401K provider/advisor who also 'shows us what he does for his portfolio', as he is not allowed to make specific recommendations for all of us.  When I asked the 401K provider/advisor about his fees, he says that his advice more than makes up that differential.

Would you change plans?