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    Hello All!

    New to site and relatively new to financial education/awareness, and love both.

    On a non-financial note, I've been trying to find info about physician supply shortages in next few decades. Also, I've always heard women physician have shorter careers, but I've never been able to find specific data breaking down career length by gender. seems to be the best/only source I've found so far. Any other suggestions?

    My only finance question I have is this... Recently, changed jobs and relocated closer to family. I had 401k at previous job and rolled-over to online brokerage IRA (20k). Should I leave it in an index fund in current IRA? My real question is about a backdoor IRA. What are the drawbacks and/or taxes to pay with converting to Roth? I know WCI has beat this horse to death, but still could use clarification.

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    1) I don't have specific data but I think when you do you will see that some women go part-time or stop completely to have and raise kids. That's probably the explanation for any shorter career finding.

    2) It'll cost you something like $6-9K to convert that $20K to a Roth IRA so you can start doing backdoor Roth IRAs. The alternative is to roll it into a new 401(k) or get a little self-employment income, open an individual 401(k) at Fidelity or Etrade (Vanguard won't work) and roll the $20K in there. The mistake was rolling it out of the 401(k) in the first place. That was good advice for everyone until 2010, but now it is good advice only for low and medium earners.
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