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TSP: publicly available funds which mirror TSP funds?

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  • TSP: publicly available funds which mirror TSP funds?

    The TSP is comprised of five funds managed by Blackrock which track common indices, plus lifecycle/target date funds comprised of them. They don't necessarily have publicly available equivalents.

    C: S&P 500
    S: Dow Jones TSM Completion
    F: Barclay's Aggregate Bond
    G: government securities unique to TSP

    Since G is unique and basically much gets 0.005% a day or so, and C and F follow very commonly-tracked indices with high r² with an equivalent in pretty much every financial institution (e.g. VFIAX, VBTLX), those are easy for me to follow on my widget. I don't need to hold them, just use them as a surrogate for following my TSP funds.

    It's the S and I that I have a bit of trouble following since many small-cap and international index funds don't exactly mirror DJTSMCI and MSCI EAFE (though they come pretty close).

    The closest I've been able to find for S are the "extended market" funds, seemingly Fidelity's FSEMX, and for I, the iShares EFA.

    Anyone else do this, or know of funds with better correlation to those particular indices than those?

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    I would use Vanguard's extended market fund for S. I would use Vanguard's Developed Markets Fund for I. Sorry nothing good out there for G.
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