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After Tax Contributions (Non-Roth) to a 401k plan

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  • After Tax Contributions (Non-Roth) to a 401k plan

    Any one out there doing aftertax contributions to a 401k plan? (I'm not talking about Roth 401k salary deferrals).

    I'm the only eligible participant in my 401k profit sharing plan (sole proprietor). I need to review my plan rules in more detail, If I don't have this provision in my plan rules I'm gonna add it if possible.

    I also have a defined benefit pension plan, I'm not sure if this would effect the ability to make aftertax constributions into my 401k plan.

    Any comments and guidance is appreciated.

    See link below for short video on aftertax contributions to a 401k:




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    Please watch 3 minute video, that will answer your question


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      Echo that. You'll need to explain your plan before anyone could determine if NRAT is reasonable...although I suspect there are probably better options.