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Good Spreadsheet for Tracking Accounts/Allocations?

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  • Good Spreadsheet for Tracking Accounts/Allocations?

    Hi all,

    Did a cursory Internet search but didn't find anything great, and am assuming some of you are already using great ones! I could certainly plug together my own spreadsheet, but I figure why reinvent the wheel.

    I am looking for a spreadsheet where I can plug in my desired asset allocation (across multiple accounts) and it will spit out for me what % I should contribute to each asset class within each individual account.



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    Fellow derm here .


    I use the doughroller template:


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      I've done the same google search a few times and didn't find anything that made it easier than my own spreadsheet.  I have signed up for Personal Capital and Mint but they won't import my 401k -- I've tried, but the website is particular to the hospital system-- so I end up copying/pasting the balances and percentages of each my 401k, TSP, Roth and after tax accounts then working out the percentages in my spreadsheet.  The advantage to doing my own is that I plan to look every 6-12 months and recreate the same table under the previous so I can see how things have changed over time --that's my consolation at least.

      I'm interested in reading the other responses!


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        When I started as an attending was in the same position.  I read the bogleheads wiki on the subject:

        it has some samples within that might fit what you are looking for.  The one I use is from there but the link is broken.  I take no credit for making this it is from forum member Ducks according to the wiki.  I've attempted to share it via dropbox and attached it to this message if youu're interested as the wiki link is broken.  There are instructions for use on the first tab of the excel sheet.  You set your desired allocation and then input your accounts on a later tab.  What I do is just copy my allocation and create a new tab at the start of each quarter.  I update the current value of the funds and then I'm able to see where to direct my new allocations to bring my allocation back in line.  Worked perfect for me as when you are getting up and going new contributions are so high compared to account values that rebalancing is a major chore.