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Anyone have a recommendation on large syndicators?

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  • Anyone have a recommendation on large syndicators?

    I have been very pleased with working with some of the large US syndicators, but I would like to spread future investment dollars out a bit. I have funds with Shopoff Realty and MLG Capital, both excellent firms. Does anyone have any other companies they have had good experience with ?



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    Q: What's your definition of "large" syndicators .

    One possible idea is to join some of the Real Estate crowdfunding sites and take a look at the sponsors on the platforms. Not all the sponsors may match what you're looking for but could be a starting point.

    That could give you some additional "candidates" to reach out and talk to.

    One way to filter is to look for the ones that have high minimum investments ($25k+) as those will typically be large deals (multi-unit complexes, skyscrapers, shopping plazas, etc) and it would reason that those sponsors would likely be "large" syndicators as to pull together deals that large requires some level of sophistications.

    Good luck!


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      how did you get started with a US syndicator? how did you come across Shopoff Realty or MLG? What's "very pleased" in terms of percentage return?


      Just curious.