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Syndications via solo 401k

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  • Syndications via solo 401k

    New attending jumping in to the WCI world over the past 12 months (thanks Dr. Dahle!). Have a w2 based 401k with an awesome group match (20k/40k), backdoor Roth and HSA in which I'm doing basic stock and bond index fund investing. My wife and I also have some 1099 income from which we're looking to set up individual 401k accounts. Interested in doing some syndication/fund investing and are exploring the world of SDIRA's and checkbook IRA's for our solo 401k accounts. Was wondering if anyone in the forums had experience and also looking for some recommendations on custodians for these accounts. Also wondering if this has been covered somewhere in the forms before. Thanks for any feedback!

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    Here you go:

    Personally though, I'd just put equity syndications in taxable. If you want to put real estate in retirement accounts, I think debt funds are one of the best options. High returns, more liquidity, and super tax inefficient.
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      Thanks for the quick response! That makes sense.